A New Normal

Set in our near future, individuals in this anthology series face life's milestones: a first love, an athletes road to triumph, and a family's last goodbye, all in contrast with a world torn apart by climate change: unbreathable air, rampant ecological disasters, and barriers to normalcy created by human indifference. How will we cope with life's uncertainties while grappling with a new normal.

Geoff Manton

Geoff's directing career begins at Simon Fraser University. After completing his BFA in Film Production, Geoff quickly moved into the commercial world with projects for Deloitte, Campbells, BC Lotteries, FlyOver Canada, and Ferrero Rocher. Since 2017, Geoff has shifted focus to narrative and documentary projects, with the aim of developing original IP with an environmental lens. You can often find him sipping espresso and sniffing fine wines.