A film by Jordan Findlay

Director: Jordan Findlay

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Written & Directed by Jordan Findlay
Produced by BOLDLY

“Limbic” longs for human connection in synchronicity. Through the phenomena of quantum entanglement, the film begs the viewer to consider how we are all linked together. After becoming linked, changes occurring in one will be simultaneously experienced in another, even when separated by great distances.

The film relates this physical phenomenon to intangible feelings, reinforcing the thought that we all might be closer in ways we are only beginning to understand. Limbic explores the intersection of science and spirituality, finding comfort and meaning as the two intertwine.

“Limbic” was shot over the course of several years, with footage gathered in Patagonia, Barbados, and Vancouver. Voice overs were captured by talent in countries including Russia, Japan, Italy, and Uganda. Musician “Perfume Genius” provided the film’s score.

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Jordan Findlay

Jordan Findlay’s work explores the connective fabric which intertwines humans with one another as well as the universe around us. He combines visually striking imagery with moments of energized emotion to create a sincere relationship with his audience. Jordan’s films and commercials have garnered him recognition from a variety of renowned organizations including the Webby Awards, 1.4 Awards, Berlin Commercial Awards, Vimeo Staff Picks, and Director’s Library. Additionally, Jordan was named as a finalist in the esteemed One Club for Creativity Young Guns awards, recognizing him as a top global advertising talent under 30.


Jordan Findlay

Executive Producer

Sebastien Galina

Sound Designer / Mixer

Matt Drake


Bryn McCashin

Executive Producer

Shelby Manton


Sam Gilling


Cole Graham

Executive Producer

Geoff Manton


Perfume Genius

Executive Producer / Producer

Kristoff Duxbury

Sound Designer

Oscar Vargas


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