Director: Joseph Carney

Director of Photography: Jeremy Cox


About the project

Prestigious novelist & transphobe Stephen Gunter is “cancelled” while attending a writer’s festival. As the next generation of novelists flourish around him, Stephen is left alone with his insecurities in a luxury hotel suite and begins to transform into something he can't rationalise: an unremarkable platypus. Later, his young manager finds him missing, and takes the opportunity to transform her own future.

Screenings and Festivals

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Date Time Location
2023, Aug 8 09:30PM FantasiaFantasia Festival

Joseph Carney

Joe's diverse life experiences are the driving spirit behind his independent filmmaking practice. From the moment his father -then nine years old- left his dockside home in working class north England for central Nigeria, Joe's family has never stopped moving. The result of their nomadic existence was a childhood spent observing just how variegated humanity can be: from the paranoia of 9/11 Saudi Arabia, to the strained communion of cultures in Kuala Lumpur, to the gun-addled highways of Texas and the revelry of Canada 150. It is this sincere love for the diverse outlooks and opportunities of the wider world - plus the critique of those systems and individuals whose goal it is to narrow our perspectives - that motivates Joe's storytelling in the medium of film.


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