Director: Jordan Findlay

Director of Photography: Dez May

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About the project

During the summer of 2017, a total solar eclipse would become visible over skies across the USA. Director Jordan Findlay took it upon himself and his team to embark on a journey across states and landscapes to document the event.

Through the lens of the eclipse, the team captured a story about escapism, mindfulness, and the meaning of self.

From the director:
Search is a project which depicts a character's journey towards emotional liberation through his travel from the rigid confines of an urban sprawl into the unknown depths of nature. It seeks to encapsulate the freedom of giving yourself up to the current of life and allowing it to push and pull you past a state of resistance and into one of release.

In creating the piece, we wanted a constantly changing landscape to play as a framework for our character's own transition. Our approach was to take a skeleton crew on a long road trip throughout British Columbia, Washington, Montana, and Idaho and to allow ourselves the ability to be flexible and film whenever and wherever we felt inspired by the environment around us. This careful mix of preparation with creative spontaneity gave us a product that tried not to feel overly polished. It was both an exercise as well a statement against the mental block often felt by trying to craft something with too much intent before production.

We wanted the piece to find it's root in the fear, frustration, and joy experienced by ourselves on the trip. We wanted it to reflect the open road and ever changing world we encountered. We, like our character, searched.

Jordan Findlay

Jordan Findlay’s work explores the connective fabric which intertwines humans with one another as well as the universe around us. He combines visually striking imagery with moments of energized emotion to create a sincere relationship with his audience. Jordan’s films and commercials have garnered him recognition from a variety of renowned organizations including the Webby Awards, 1.4 Awards, Berlin Commercial Awards, Vimeo Staff Picks, and Director’s Library. Additionally, Jordan was named as a finalist in the esteemed One Club for Creativity Young Guns awards, recognizing him as a top global advertising talent under 30.

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Bryn McCashin

Executive Produder

Shelby Manton

Writer / Director

Jordan Findlay


Jim Byrnes

Executive Producer

Geoff Manton


Dez May

Executive Producer

Kristoff Duxbury


Chris Zavazal

Executive Producer

Sebastien Galina


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